Help Mill Pond Build an Expanded STEAM Makerspace Where Exploration, Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, & Self-Directed Learning Come Alive!

The ultimate science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics (STEAM) environment for all 4-6 grade students

WETF and Westborough public schools are excited to announce this wonderful new campaign and opportunity to create a new dedicated makerspace at the Mill Pond School! The MPS Makerspace will integrate five key exploration stations with the themes of building, electronics, robotics, crafts, and movie making. Carefully selected collections of diverse materials, tools, equipment, technology, art supplies, and more will foster creative exploration, self-directed learning, and collaborative problem-solving. The space will integrate specialized furniture and storage systems that make building and designing a more intuitive process.

The MPS Makerspace will be located in the library/media area of Mill Pond and will be available during specific activity periods during the week or can be reserved by teachers to enhance their lessons. The space will host a variety of guest speakers and Makerspace volunteers to offer specialized classes and activities.

Your donation will go toward the purchase of needed materials and furniture for the MPS Makerspace stations which have been carefully researched by MPS staff and administrators to complement next year’s academic plans and beyond. Your donation will provide access to exciting and engaging STEAM opportunities that will enhance the educational experience of both students who attend Mill Pond currently and those who will be there in the future. We thank you for your generosity!

What’s a “Makerspace”?

Definition: Makerspace

A place in which students can gather and use assorted materials to explore current interests and discover new ones, collaborate with peers to enhance their learning, problem-solve to master new understandings, innovate and create new concepts and projects, and become self-directed seekers of “meaning-making.” It’s a place where learning, exploring, creativity, and fun are all wrapped up into one experience!

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Creating with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math

What Is Needed for The Mill Pond Makerspace?

Below you will find all of the Makerspace stations (named by Mill Pond students!) as well as the products, supplies, furniture, and equipment needed for each area. Click on each category to see some of the key items that are included in this exciting campaign.

Building with Legos and a wide variety of exciting materials allows students to understand abstract ideas, be creative, and explore. Learning with manipulatives motivates creativity and builds confidence. Abstract concepts such as gravity, balance, and geometry become more concrete. Below are a list of some key items for the BIY station of the Makerspace.

3D Printer

The MakerBot Replicator Mini+ Essentials Pack

Engineering and Construction

Tinker Crate

Building Bricks

Lego Creative Brick Basket


Makedo cardboard education construction sets with tools

Magnetic Geometric Construction

Magna-Tiles STEM system

Creative Construction

Doodle Crate

Free Form Structures

Keva planks

Structure Creation

Keva brain builders

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

Future engineers will learn to innovate and design their own STEAM projects. Encourages independent problem solving skills as well as communication and critical thinking.

Hands On Electronics

LittleBits droid inventor kit

Invention-Based Learning

LittleBits code kit education class

Learning About Circuits

Squishy circuits

Make Anything Interactive

Makey Makey STEM pack

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

Teaching robotics to elementary students can enhance sensory learning, improve socialization, provide opportunities for hands-on innovation, and raise the level of rigor. -Edutopia

Fexible Programming Robotics


Programming with Robots


Pre-Programmed Robot Blocks


Object Based Coding

Lego We Do

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

Allows students to build confidence, self-expression, and explore creativity. Provides an emotional outlet which can relieve stress and creates opportunities for mindfulness.

Sewing Machines

Student Friendly Sewing Machines

Jewelry Making Kits

Creating Elegant Hand-Made Jewelry and More

Craft beads

Integration into a Variety of Projects and More


Needles and Supplies

Duct Tape

We All Know Duct Tape is a Makespace Must Have

Art Supplies and More

Misc Supplies

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

Video production allows for experiential learning where students can expand on ideas, express their creativity and share new knowledge with a large audience.

Movie Magic

Green Screens

Mastering Sound

iPad Compatible Microphones

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

No Makerspace is complete without proper storage and furniture that facilitate easy selection of materials and tools while allowing a proper work space to explore and create on.

Work Surface That Inspires

Allied Dry-Erase Activity Tables 60×24

Flexible Moveable Bin Storage

24 Bin Ultra Zinc Mobile Rack Systems

Rotating Storage


Locking Visible Storage

Tennsco Steel C-Thru Door Storage Cabinets

Flexible Adjustable Seating

Regency Glow Stools

Moveable Adjustable Shelving

6 tier UltraZinc Steel wire Shelving w/wheels

Moveable Adjustable Corner Shelving

6 tier Corner Shelving w/ wheels

Basic Storage

Misc Storage Bins

Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily suggest quantities or styles to be chosen.

Tapping into Students’ Artistic Creativity & Providing Mindful Moments

“I am excited to offer the ultimate STEAM experience for students in the MPS Makerspace which incorporates flexible opportunities to learn new skills, discover new interests and talents, and explore creativity. Makerspace experiences challenge students to learn coding or electronics, create art or movies, or build structures and inventions. The possibilities are student-driven and endless!”Suzanne Kenny , Principal, Mill Pond School

Demo Videos From Mill Ponds Makerspace Pilot Program

Mill Pond students engaged in various activities during the initial pilot of Mill Pond Makerspace program that began in September 2017 with seed funding from Westborough Education Foundation (WEF). We are now ready to use the knowledge gained from the pilot program and expand into a full implementation of the Mill Pond Makerspace with help from your donations.

“What I liked most about it (Makerspace) was that there were several different choices to meet my students’ wide range of interests. I also loved that they were using different parts of their brain and getting to be creative in ways that they don’t always get to at school. A few of the students were working collaboratively at the catapult station which is always a skill I love to see them practicing!”Tara Gestrich , 5th grade teacher, Mill Pond School

“Makerspace cheers up my Monday.”Anna E. , Student, Mill Pond School

“Ozobots make school fun!”Mia O. , Student, Mill Pond School

“The excitement and creative energy of this Makerspace is palpable when you watch students in action with the materials. This project captures the intellectual challenge, and team oriented project based focus that we know is an essential part of today’s learning environment. Who wouldn’t want to dive into exploring this amazing array of materials and the open-ended challenges they provide!”Amber Bock , Superintendent Westborough Public Schools

Unleashing Students’ Imaginations as well as Their Directing & Performing Talents